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Why Choose Us?

The short answer: We specialize in creating AMAZING events

Bruce Barrios Productions is known for being the best mobile DJ company in Ventura County, CA. Voted a whopping 22 times as the Best MC/DJ by the Ventura County Reporter, we are constantly recommended by our happy clients. Wedding planners love us and brides often pick their wedding date according to our availability. We're that good. Unlike other DJs who simply stand behind their laptops and play music, our goal is to make sure the dance floor is never empty. How do we do this? We motivate people to dance through creative and fun ways that inspire audience participation.

What else makes us different from other DJs? Bruce Barrios Productions:

  • Specializes in audience participation
  • Is always the director, never the star
  • Has more than 25 years of experience
  • Has professional sound and lighting
  • Has a “No Smoking” policy for its Disc Jockeys, meaning no breaks!
  • Has a “No Eating” policy (we can eat before or after)
  • DJ's coordinate dress shirt color with bridesmaids’ dress color when possible

Want a legendary event that is talked about for years? Contact Bruce Barrios Productions!

Whether you are looking for a DJ for your wedding or special corporate event, you want to make sure your DJ shares your vision and truly cares that you and your guests have the perfect night. It's our job to create an entire event that represents the client's personality. We don't have a set format or "one playlist fits all" mentality. We let our clients dictate the mood, flow, and music of the event by providing them with an event template that lets them design music programs for the entire night. We will assist in creating 3 separate programs Cocktail Hour , Dinner Music and favorite Dance requests.

We combine our professional DJ education with creativity, music knowledge, and talent to align with our client's vision. As DJs, we don't wish to steal your spotlight. We are there to simply direct the night's festivities so that your wishes and expectations are met and exceeded. Ready to be the star of your next event?

Contact Bruce Barrios Productions today to schedule a free consultation . Together, we can make your event a truly once in a lifetime event.